Climate Change Book: A Brief History of Climate Change, Climate Science, Climate Hysteria


University Press returns with another short and captivating book – a brief history of climate change, climate science, and climate debate.

Climate change. Climate science. Climate hysteria. Climate denial. Climate debate. We know that the Earth goes through regular cycles of cooling and heating. The question is: Are humans responsible for the latest round of climate change? If humans are responsible, then what, if anything, should humans do about it?

According to most climate scientists, climate change has many causes, including – most controversially – the incentives, habits, decisions, and behaviors of human individuals, businesses, and nations. Unfortunately, ignorant climate hysteria has created knee-jerk overreactions and equally ignorant climate denialism. Both extremes are grossly disingenuous. Both extremes ignore the facts, stifle debate, and appeal to lazy minds. The global climate wars may be heated and polarizing, but the world deserves thoughtful, informed debate on a subject of this magnitude.

This short book peels back the veil and provides a clear-eyed glimpse into the remarkable history of climate science and its implications for our world today – a glimpse that you can read in about an hour.