The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible: 3 books in 1: Learn The Secrets Of Soil Mates


The vegetable gardener’s bible you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Do you enjoy gardening and are curious about how to produce organic vegetables and fruits at home?

Would you want to create a personalized setting for growing flowers and plants in an eco-friendly yard, as they would in their native habitat?

Do you like traditional borders or flowers that will entice living creatures?

Do you wish to accelerate or prolong your growing season? Or even year-round growth?

Are you interested in cultivating plants with diverse environmental requirements, such as rainforest crops and perennials?

Have you ever considered battling increased food prices by cultivating fresh fruits, vegetables, and even herbs?

If the response to all these points is “yes,” and the idea of saving money on groceries by producing and consuming your food intrigues you, now you are at the right spot! It will be a fabulous garden for everyone to consider it is feasible with this planting guide, which provides you with essential tools to create whatever you wish for your magical garden.

With more than 50 photographs and comprehensive texts. This book “The Gardner’s Guide” Learn The Secrets Of Soil Mates and Grow a Happy Yard with The Old Farmer’s Almanac, Companion Planting, and the vegetable Garden Pest Handbook teaches you, how to design, seed, plant, and safeguard your garden year-round using professional advice and procedures that will ensure its success. Learn how to build with plants by creating inspiring displays with texture and color. You’ll also learn how to maintain your plants healthy with jargon-free guidelines to grooming as well as pest and disease prevention. Keeping a logbook or gardening journal of your garden’s activities can allow you to determine which crops are compatible and which are not, this is the ultimate celebration of the world’s most gorgeous gardens